Roundup sysadmin tracker
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Welcome to the sysadmin tracker for the Roundup issue tracker system. It requires release 1.6.0 or newer of the Roundup issue tracker. It will not work with any 1.5.x or earlier release of roundup.

This tracker is designed to handle issues generated in a system administration or help desk environment. It is released under the GPL license see the Tracker License section for details.

You can find Download Links on the download page. A demo instance of the tracker is located at:

It is more complex than the classic tracker, but has things that I have wanted in my trackers. Some of the functions were inspired by equivalent functionality in Request Tracker (rt) while some other things I have wanted in various trackers (req, reqng, queuemh, rt, clearquest, remedy, cherwell, jira) through the years. This tracker started out as an experiment to get rt's comment capability added to the classic tracker. I was able to do that in about 4 hours of effort learning Python as I went.

See the current manual in your browser. You can also get a version of the manual in pdf.

The sysadmin tracker builds on the basic functions of the classic Tracker: status, keywords, owner, and nosy list support. A summary of additional features: